Flexcor’s origins go back to the times when chrome anilox rollers were in their heyday. Competition was very tough and market share was determined by what edge in screen technology you had. Laser technology combined with ceramic coatings put a lot of chrome roller companies out of business but Flexcor survived due to strict adherence to Quality Assurance Accreditation which was achieved in 1996. The quality system ensures that every process in production is checked and recorded, even to the extent of packing the roller for shipment. With so many years in the industry, Flexcor continues to develop to give customers the optimum performance.

It was this standard of performance combined with the flexibility of engaging the new Flexo-printing era that drove Flexcor to introduce new products. Doctor Blades and viscosity control equipment from benchmark German and Swedish companies became the preferred choice for Flexo and Gravure printers.

Flexcor has dramatically expanded its range of products over the years and supplies the broader needs of label, envelope, packaging, lithographic, offset, cardboard box and paper industries with a variety of consumables, retro-fit machinery and capital equipment from leading manufacturers throughout Europe and the U.S.A.

Further expansion into the cardboard box and paper industries occurred in 2012 with the new agreements with William Kenyon threading ropes for paper machines along with Muehlen Sohn corrugator belts for the cardboard box producers. Once again Flexcor taking on brand name quality products to better serve the local industry

Core Values

Flexcor endeavour to provide top quality products at a fair price and to exceed their customers expectations on service and support.


Our products are a selected from European and North American manufacturers that are well regarded for their quality, longevity and for being best of breed in their respective industries.