AkeBoose Graphic Products is a global provider of high quality inking and doctoring systems for flexo and gravure printing. Core product values are clear function, clean design, minimal care and low operating costs to make everyday life easier for the printer.

Products from AkeBoose Graphic Products are made from stainless steel to meet harsh conditions within the printing industry, using inks and detergents with extreme pH values.

A sturdy suspension system, in combination with a detachable low weight ink chamber, is vital for a safer working environment.


All AkeBoose Doctor Blades have been carefully selected from the highest qualities of Swedish strip steel for perfect doctoring in flexography and rotogravure printing. Our range of doctor blades includes RoundEdge Doctor Blades and LamellaEdge Doctor Blades of a large variety of dimensions and qualities of carbon and stainless steel. In addition to these products, a great variety of doctor blade steel and back-up blade steel, suitable for the Strip-Blade doctoring system, is also available. All our products are made from highest Swedish steel quality.


The Strip-Blade holders are permanently clamped in position into any type of original blade holder, offering very fast and precise insertion of new doctor blades. Equipped with inexpensive, high quality doctor blades, only 10 mm wide, the Strip-Blade holder system typically offers a doctor blade life of one million printed metres.


AkeBoose Graphic Products is a global provider of Chamber Systems for flexography printing with two advanced Chamber System concepts – The NOVA Line and the CLASSIC Line – available for inking perfection of any web sizes up to 4 500 mm.

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