C.U.E. Inc. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of urethane anvil cover products for the Corrugated Paper Industry. Our urethane materials and proprietary urethane processing create products specifically designed for the applications of the Corrugated Industry.

Our wide range of products include anvil covers (a.k.a. blankets, mats, jackets) for rotary die cutting, anvil covers for glue lap and attachment die cutting, lead edge feed wheels, no crush wheels.


The Timesaver anvil cover lives up to its name, cutting rotation times from 30 minutes to three. Because it's the only anvil cover that's twice as wide as the industry average, it can be rotated faster and lasts longer. The Timesaver also features a unique construction of solid steel backing followed by a proprietary process that welds the steel lock bar and steel angle for a precise fit every time – a vital dependability difference that means seamless installation and a perfect cutting surface. Timesaver anvil covers are engineered to maximize the performance of your rotary die cutter.

TimeSaverTM FA Series
Blankets especially designed to fit the Equaliser* System. Not just a replacement blanket but a superior urethane blanket with all the TIMESAVER advantages.


Dura-Latch is C.U.E.'s brand name for anvil covers used with corrugated paper manufacturer's glue lap and die cutting machines. Dura-Latch offers a wide range of advantages over traditional anvil covers Reduce Die Cutting Glue Lap Machine Downtime. Maximize Anvil Cover Life Size to Fit Virtually Every Glue Lap and Die Cutting Machine One-Piece Design Exclusive T-Shaped Lock TimeSaverTM FA Series Blankets especially designed to fit the Equaliser* System. Not just a replacement blanket but a superior urethane blanket with all the TIMESAVER advantages.


Engineered for the Anvilok III* System

COR-LOCK anvil covers are specifically designed for the corrugated paper industry and for Glue-Lap and attachment die-cutting machines. COR-LOCK is a direct replacement for your Anvilok III* anvil cover and can be used without system modifications. Our unique patented design installs faster and features a solid-steel anvil cover backing and extremely durable urethane.

Unique patented design installs easier and faster
No system modifications required because is a direct replacement for your Anvilok III* cover
Highext quality construction and materials

* Anvilok III is a trade name of Dicar, Inc.


Feed Wheels for SUN* Automations Extend-O-FeedTM

Best quality Urethane
Proven performance
Long Lasting
Precision ground surface
Dependable Feeding
Six sizes immediately available

* Trade name Sun Automation Inc.


Now is the time to replace that set of worn blankets on your rotary die cutter with a new set of snap-lock rotary die cutting blankets and discover the true meaning of value.

Proven Durability & Quality:
C.U.E's Snap-Lock Rotary Die Cutting Blankets have a proven track record of extra tough durability which means longer life and less money for supplies in the long run over time. Quality urethane increases performance and blanket life with better scoring and cleaner die cuts.

A Snap to Install, A Snap to Remove:
The Snap-Lock design makes changing your die cutting blanket a breeze. Our slotted bolt hole in hold-down channel allows lateral adjustment during rotation for increased die cutting blanket life.

No Gaps:
snap lock3Both sides of every Snap-Lock rotary die cutting blanket are precision trimmed so the blankets butt together without gaps at the seam when mounted. This means a more consistent die cutting surface and better dimensional accuracy.

Snap-Lock Fits Your Needs Budgets and Supply Chain Management:
Immediate delivery is available for most rotary die cutting machines at an unbeatable price but still providing the quality and service you demand. Snap-Lock rotary die cutting blankets are available in two different hardness grades.
Plus, you get the value add of a company and sales force that is dedicated to satisfying your rotary die cutting blanket needs.

Snap-Lock die cutting blankets, all you need for your rotary die cutter.

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