Always tuned in to the corrugated board manufacturers on the 5 continents, DJA offers standard products or special ones as well as the most economical solutions which they expect… without any compromise in quality.


Thanks to its stock of finished products and materials, DJA can deliver almost always within 24 hours the most common clean-outs, fingers and suction tubes.

Bronze glue dams and pressure shoes used on the modern corrugators, are delivered from stock at particularly attractive prices.


DJA has developed the production of the razor knives made of tungsten carbide and ASP ( top one among the HSS steel grades, obtained through the powder metallurgy) in its own workshop. The USA, Chinese and European markets trust DJA’s knives and the associated grinding stones.

The traditional circular knives, made of treated D2 (sometimes nitrided) are available for the most common corrugators in the world : Agnati, BHS SRA-TC and SRA-M, Fosber, Göpfert, Marquip, Mitsubishi, Simon, S & S, …


DJA‘s range is focused on BHS, LANGSTON, MARQUIP, MARTIN, PETERS, SIMON, S&S machines.

The no-crush wheels for cut-off knives and stackers are complementary products and available from stock for the most used references.


Thanks to the stock of semifinished scorers, not more than 2 weeks are necessary to deliver most scorers with a chosen profile and coating.

The respect of the OEM specifications does not prevent DJA from being creative and the customer can choose his own profiles.

  • Supply the complete scorer,
  • Make new heads for scoring rings,
  • Supply scoring rings,
  • Modify used scorers into heads with separate scoring rings,
  • Repair the worn inside diameters of old scorers.

Visit the DJA website for complete details of their entire product range.