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Swedev was formed in 1985 and is based in Munkfors, Sweden, in the midst of one of the world's leading steel producing regions. The city takes its name from the banks of the river Klaralven, next to a series of fast moving rapids - that by 1670 provided hydro power for early steel production.

A long tradition of steel making in this region has earned Swedish steel products a strong reputation for high quality.

Swedev AB is a global company, represented all over the world.
Meeting the Special demands of the customer
Our production machinery is highly flexible, enabling us to meet all the specific demands of our customers.
Delivering consistently high quality is of the utmost importance for us . Every inch of steel is thoroughly and manually checked before delivery.

High quality steel
All our products are developed and produced in close cooperation with steel mills and printers. The materials we use are high quality strip steel produced according to our own specification and made specifically to become a doctor blade. The whole process, from steel melting to blade manufacturing and the delivery of the finished prooduct, is subject to an ISO 9001 certified quality system. This guarantees continuous improvement.

Valuable contribution
Swedev's primary aim is to help printers produce the best printing results. Long experience has taught us how docotor blades are influenced by speed, pressure and ink.

Our knowledge makes us an excellent and reliable partner for short and long-term projects.
Expensive miscalculations can be avoided by involving us at an early stage of a project. Cost-in-use improvement is one area where we can make a valuable contribution.

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