Tru Point blades are specially designed for today's graphics, and when combined with the right Anilox roll, will produce a superior print finish. Tru-Point plastic blades are set and used like any other doctor blade.  The blade is positioned at an angle to the Anilox roll, with the bevel of the blade facing the ink supply. Tru-Polnt blades come in varying thicknesses and widths, depending on the use, and can be shipped to you in


The Patented DACC

Our DACC blade is primarily for fine, high-speed printing, where a thin blade is needed.  It is also excellent for solids.


Bevel Blade for All-round use

The bevel blade is cut at 45 degrees for excellent results in virtually all applications.


Plasteel - Sheers like steel, Wears like plastic

Plasteel blades are made of a high-density polymer to be thinner than our conventional plastic blades.


FibreFlex - High Quality, Low Cost

Fibreflex composite blades represent our newest technology, combining the advantages of fibreglass with those of plastic.

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