IST Solvent Recovery

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w228 DISTILLATORI SERIE ISTI.S.T. solvent reclaimers provide the ideal solution to the problem of waste solvents disposal, allowing their later reuse, ensuring:

        rapid return on investment (R.O.I.) thanks to low production costs;
        reduction on solvent purchasing costs up to 95%;
        significant reduction on waste solvents disposal costs;
        maximum safety and ease use

The wide range of products are able to fulfill any need, both of the small user and the large enterprise, in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

The washing systems for anilox, rotogravure cylinders and flexographic printing plates produced by IST are designed to offer the ideal cleaning solution through a totally automatic process that allows to minimize the intervention of the operator.

The functionality of these systems is simple and safe, combining the efficiency of the washing machine, in terms of time saving and cleaning quality, with the protection of operator's health.

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