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Since the company was founded in 1985, it’s no coincidence SWED/CUT® has grown to become “the brand of choice” of quality printers and converters around the world. That’s because our entire product line is developed to meet their specific needs.

The very core of our commitment to developing process improving products and services is reflected in our name – Swedev AB which stands for Swedish Development Company.


It all starts on your production floor – our product development extends to our customers. We partner with leading flexographic and rotogravure printers and coaters around the world to learn about specific metering application needs. We then work together to develop cost effective solutions which often include
in-your-plant technical support and training.

Therefore, we proudly say –
"Your Success is Our Business"

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For more information about the SWED/CUT® Doctor Blade range, please click on the images below to download the product brochure:

 Swedev Poster H7  Swedev produkttavla H9  Swedev Poster M Flex I  Swedev Poster M Flex II
 Swedev Poster M Flex Plus  Swedev Poster MicroKote II  Swedev Poster MicroKote G  Swedev Poster MicroKote S
 Swedev Poster MicroKote X  Swedev Poster MicroNox I  Swedev Poster MicroNox II  Buy these products direct
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