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knives for cross cuttingPrecision and Perfection:
For optimal cutting performance, surface consistency and longevity.

The foundation of our products and cutting solutions for the paper processing industry is our knowledge of “cutting” as well as an in-depth understanding of our customers’ requirements.

Whether the parts are made of tool steel, carbide, or special materials, whether coated or refined, we turn out products with state-of-the-art technology that prove their merit in precision and cutting edge retention.

Intensive dialog with our customers forms the cornerstone of our services.

Working together with you, we’ll develop the best tools and systems for optimal integration in your cutting and production processes.

Thanks to uncompromising quality management – from the procurement of raw materials to delivery – we can guarantee that absolutely no tolerance deviations will impair the performance of our cutting tools.

As a consequence, we offer customized solutions with measurable added value.

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TKM, The Knife Manufacturers

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