Manufacture and supply solvent reclaimers.

I.S.T. solvent reclaimers provide the ideal solution to the problem of waste solvents disposal, allowing their later reuse, ensuring:
* Rapid return on investment (R.O.I.) thanks to low production costs
* Reduction on solvent purchasing costs up to 95%
* Significant reduction on waste solvents disposal costs
* Maximum safety and ease use The wide range of products are able to fulfill any need, both of the small user and the large enterprise, in accordance with the requirements of the customer. The washing systems for anilox, rotogravure cylinders and flexographic printing plates produced by IST are designed to offer the ideal cleaning solution through a totally automatic process that allows to minimize the intervention of the operator. The functionality of these systems is simple and safe, combining the efficiency of the washing machine, in terms of time saving and cleaning quality, with the protection of operator's health.

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Q and A

Flexcor Australia are the Australian Agents for IST Distillation Equipment of Italy. IST are a major provider of Medicinal Cannabis extraction equipment IST products can be found in many countries all over the world.

1. What is the most common machinery sold by IST for Medicinal Cannabis extraction?

Answer : Usually from our experience in the USA market in the past 2 years customers always look for medium to big unit distillers in order to be able to have “industrial production.” Traditionally, in this market small laboratories were operating using traditional lab stills which cannot grant high output. Minimum size Distiller sold is a 90 Litre unit. Also sold is the IST 202 Litre and the ROTO 202. The most popular and most common one sold is the ROTO 400. Bigger machines are available and some of the larger players are opting for these units.
The ROTO denotes a distiller with a scraper unit installed inside the tank. This scraper unit is required to easily remove the cannabis oil /sludge from the tank.

2. Do IST Distillation Units require any modifications to meet Australian requirements?

Answer : Technically not, in the USA and Jamaica the two markets which are perhaps two of the most active markets we do not have any specific requirements.

3. What types of approvals are typically required to meet pharmaceutical specifications for medicinal cannabis?

Answer : being a very new market we haven’t found any specification related to this application;
the units sold for USA have just to be UL approved ( which is the general explosion proof
standard for USA but used in all other market sectors as well). We are currently exploring requirements for CDA conformity declaration assessment for ANZ and ATEX.

4. Do IST machines meet Australian conformity for medicinal cannabis?

Answer : We are not aware of any unique standard conformity.

5. Is there anything special required in the process to extract medicinal cannabis?

Answer : Our unit is just part of the process. Before distillation in our unit the customer has already processed the cannabis crop by using centrifugal equipment. The crop is inserted in a special “net bag” and is centrifuged using Ethanol at a controlled temperature which can be from -40C° to –80 °C . The reason for such cold temperatures is to allow Ethanol to extract during the centrifugal phase more of the interesting principles being the CBD or the THC ( where allowed, THC is the principle giving the psychotropic effect. Only in some USA states is it legal to extract THC ). The result of the centrifugation ( made with non-IST equipment ) is a “tea” or a solution of Ethanol and CBD oil or THC.

6. I assume the waste product after ethanol extraction is cannabis resin. Is this correct?

Answer : Not exactly, after the centrifugal operation described above we have a solution or a “tea” containing ethanol and CBD or THC oil, so with the distillation we separate the ethanol to reuse back into the same centrifugal process, and what we usually call “the residual “ is the most valuable part of the process, once refined we have an “oil” (which have to be filtered again in the laboratory to remove traces of wax or other minor impurities then is sold at around 100 U$ per ounce ( about 20 grams )…..

7. What information do customers have to provide to specify and quote a machine to meet customer requirements.

Answer : Well we just need to have the “tea” quantity or the volume to process per working shift of what comes out from the “centrifugal” process. Note: not all extraction methods use the “centrifugal” process. Some other methods use CO” extraction and in this case, we cannot process their output. Generally speaking, CO2 extraction is much more expensive in terms of equipment and also a longer process and usually does not grant large productivity.

8. Do you have any brochures, supporting documentation and videos?

Answer : No not yet. This is a new market and one where IST have been quietly building a strong presence. IST have had a long history prior to medicinal cannabis providing high quality solvent recovery solutions to many different types of industries. IST are headquartered in Modena, Italy. The USA is the one market leading the sector. Jamaica, Colombia and Thailand are other active participants and many other nations are issuing manufacturing permits in the field.

If you would like to know more or discuss your particular requirements, please contact Flexcor Australia on +61 2 9542 3766. OR complete the contact form, include your phone number and email address.