Our corrugator belts make sure that your production runs smoothly. The fabrics are designed to cope with high temperatures and withstand perfectly the stresses and strains of the corrugator system. Parallel to our efforts in ensuring that we always deliver premium grade fabrics, we pursue a very flexible approach to a focussed customer orientation.

Mühlen Sohn corrugator belts have been specially developed for use in double facers in corrugating systems. Their main tasks are smooth transport and best possible drying of the corrugated board. The belts are exposed to substantial stresses from temperature, contact pressure, friction, tensile stress and moisture. Mühlen Sohn corrugator belts consist of 2, 3 and 4-ply fabrics. The rip, heat and abrasion-resistant fibres give the belts an excellent movement and transport characteristic. This guarantees security and reliability during your production processes.

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