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The warp is traditionally very annoying for the corrugator. It has as consequences a lot of wastes and a loss of productivity for postprinting and die cutting process. The principle, band humidification, in application with success on about one hundred machines throughout the world, remains the same. Each ramp is composed of 10 spraying heads which can independently spray the required amount of water over a 250 mm strip.

ASAÏ 2000 innovations

Based on the paper criteria, the amount of water sprayed is actually proportional to the speed of the corrugator:

  • Very accurate potentiometers   
  • Atomizer spraying heads which enable a constant humidification cone, independant from the water flow rate and homogeneous over the 250 mm strip, and which cannot be blocked.
  • Easy to install, to operate and to maintain.

It cannot be more simple. When corrugator speed is stable, the operator makes the drawing of the warp on the control pannel. Spraying heads work immediately. The board is made flat. If corrugator speed changes, the flow rate of each spraying head will change in proportion.

Usual location of the ramp is :   

  • 1 ramp operated on the upper single facer web   
  • 1 ramp operated on the double facer line.

The Warp Control ASAI 2000 is composed of one or two spraying ramp installed at the double backer :

  • 1 spraying ramp operates on Single Face board. It allows the control of reverse warp.   
  • 1 supplementary ramp can operate on the outside liner and allows the control of either “U” type warp and “S” type warp.

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