• Accu-Dyne Marker Pen 54 dyne

ACCU DYNE TEST Marker Pens are $28.60 (inc GST) each.  Minimum order 8 pens of any size.

If you use, manufacture, sell or specify film where corona treatment is involved, plastic sheet, coatings, adhesives, printing ink or paper board or anything that relies on measuring the surface tension or dyne level of a substrate, then you should use Accu-Dyne Test Marker Pens.  Developed and introduced onto the market in 1990 by Diversified Enterprises, USA.  The first treatment level measuring tool specifically designed for on-line testing, producing fast, reliable and accurate results.

The ACCU DYNE TEST TM Marker Pen, is based on a valve tip applicator. The principle is simple: Keep the testing part of the pen away from the fluid storage part of the pen (in other words, no wicking from the substrate). By pressing the tip firmly down, the valve is opened and fresh fluid floods the tip; this flushes it clean, and allows the tester to lightly pass over the sample to accurately determine dyne level. Results are based on how long the test solution takes to form beads on the sample surface


  • 14 Standard dyne levels, from 32 through 58 dynes/cm, all formulated from l00% reagent grade materials
  • Specifically designed for fast, accurate on-line use by printers, coaters, and laminators - also ideal for process control or field use by suppliers of film, sheet, coated board, inks, coatings, and adhesives
  • Spring loaded tip meters fluid feed and guards against contamination
  • Reliable enough for many R & D and lab applications
  • Hundreds of tests from each marker
  • Usable on virtually all smooth non-absorptive substrates
  • Up to Six month shelf life
  • You can order the full set (even numbered dyne levels from 32 through 58 dynes/cm), or specify any combination of dyne levels and quantities you require (minimum order eight pens)
  • Conveniently packaged in ready to use GHS compliant setup boxes

Standard dyne levels include, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, dynes/cm.

Accu-Dyne pens are sold in boxes of 8. Minimum order 8 pens of any Dyne (1 box).

ACCU DYNE TEST TM Marker Pens are not returnable.


For more information about Accu-Dyne Marker Pens, please download our information sheets:

Accu-Dyne Pen information sheet

Accu-Dyne Pen MSDS

Accu-Dyne Application and Testing Tips

Using Accu-Dyne Test Pens

Accu-Dyne Recommended Treatment Levels

If your require further information about Accu-Dyne Test Marker Pens, please call our office to talk to one of our consultants on 02 9542 3766 or email info@flexcor.com.au

Accu-Dyne Marker Pen 54 dyne

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