• Doctor Blade Angle Gauge

In rotogravure printing, it is important to set the doctor blade at a correct contact angle. Many printing issues like haze, streaks and drag-outs are friction- and temperature related, and setting up the contact angle incorrectly can be a disaster.

When using too low an angle, the contact area between doctor blade and cylinder increases and the friction and temperature rise. An angle that’ s too high can give doctor blade vibration problems. It is recommendable to use a contact angle between 55-65 degrees. A correctly set doctor blade angle normally allows as well a lower doctor blade pressure.

The Swedev “Doctor Blade Angle Gauge” is the tool that helps yo u control contact angle setting.

It is easy to handle and in such a size that it can be kept in your pocket, quickly ready for use.

The gauge is available in two sizes; for cylinder circumferences 300-785 mm and 785-6280 mm.

Download the Swedev “Doctor Blade Angle Gauge” product brochure.

Doctor Blade Angle Gauge

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